Read Jay Pensler reviews: For scarless breast reduction surgery

28 Feb

Yes, that’s right until recently, to get rid of your heavy breasts, mammoplasty was your only option. And this surgery not only involved prolonged recovery period but at the same time left ugly scars. Thanks to the immense development of the medical science and indeed thanks to Dr. Jay Pensler, as now a day, contouring your breast is possible with the breast liposuction method. Of you read Jay Pensler reviews you will find that Jay Pensler has introduced this surgery technique for reducing your breast size.

Typically reckoned as a path breaking plastic surgery technique, the scarless breast reduction technique helps in decreasing the size and weight of the female breasts. That’s right! reducing the breast size is a popular plastic surgery,

which is performed mostly for health and other medical reason than for any other cosmetic purposes. Dr. Jay Pensler reviews suggest that as women crave for fuller breasts similarly there are women who tend to feel uncomfortable for their heavy chest size. According to Dr. Jay. M. Pensler exceptional large breasts often becomes the cause of health problems like backache, skin irritations, neck problem, skeletal deformities and even breathing problem in women hence breast reduction surgery can be helpful.

Dr. Jay Pensler performs the scarless breast reduction surgery by removing the fatty tissues from the breasts. He leaves the glandular breast tissue, responsible for producing milk, intact. Quite ideally therefore, women with good amount of fatty tissue in the breasts and with enough skin elasticity are the best candidates for the liposuction breast surgery.Read jay Pensler reviews to know about the various advantages of the surgical technique of breast reduction by

• Dr. Pensler only removes removing the fatty tissues
• The recovery time is less
• The method leaves fewer scars.
• The breast and nipple sensation remain
• There are minimum postoperative complications are there.

Dr. Jay Pensler vouches that breast reduction by liposuction plastic surgery technique helps in producing a rather smaller version of the breast, while compared to the original one, before liposuction.

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